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In: Nowak, Gerhard (ed.) (Regional-)Entwicklung des Sports. Sportökonomie: Vol. 20 (pp. 193-206). Schorndorf: Hofmann Egger, Fabienne; Conzelmann, Achim; Schmidt, Mirko (2018).

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Foreword: A Kind of ‘Theology of Life-Stories’ In many parts of the world, people long for freedom, liberation, peace; they also yearn to cope with innocent suffering, to overcome illness and deep wounds in soul, mind and body.

No bibliography as part of a volume such as this could even approximate sufficiency; there is, however, an altogether copious and valuable stand-alone bibliography on the German theater, published by another outstanding German theater historian, Prof. Michael Patterson.

BORIS – Beutler, Gerhard; Moore, A.W.; Müller, I.I. (2009). The International global navigation satellite system service (IGS): development and achievements. Journal of geodesy, 83(3-4), pp. 297-308.

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Buchdahl, Gerd, Reduction-Realization: a Key to the Structure of Kant’s Thought. 1982: ders., Science and God: The Topology of the Kantian World. In: Paolo Parrini, ed., Kant and Contemporary Epistemology, Dordrecht, 1-25. 1994: ders., Causality, Causal Laws and Scientific Theory in the Philosophy of Kant. In: British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (Oxford) 16, 187-208.

Contents Introduction 5 A. Fungal diseases of cats and dogs caused by dermatophytes 12 1. Ringworm (Dermatophytosis) in cats and dogs 12 B. Fungal diseases of cats and dogs caused by yeasts 66 1. Candidosis in cats and dogs 66 2. Cryptococcosis in

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