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Dr. Ross R. Meidinger MD is a male gastroenterologist in Fargo, ND with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Meidinger is affiliated with Perham Health New York Mills Clinic in New York Mills, as well as Sanford Broadway Clinic in Fargo. Dr. Meidinger graduated from University of North Dakota School of

Visit Dr. Ross R. Meidinger, gastroenterologist & internist in Fargo, ND. Are you Dr. Meidinger? Sign up for

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Ross Meidinger; Chapter. 806 Downloads; Significant advances have occurred in both medical and surgical management of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), an extremely common condition in the United States and other industrialized nations. This chapter explores the pros and cons of medical versus surgical management of uncomplicated GERD. Subsequent chapters deal with other related issues …

CaveMeter (Gerhard Meidinger – June 2014 ) [3.2 (5), >1000 downloads, 56 KB, Android 2.1] No longer on the Play Store but the app can be downloaded from the website (v. 2.0.5 – 90 KB) Cave survey with smartphone sensors measuring declination and bearing.

BridgeBio is on the lookout for partners with whom we can establish new programs or collaborate on our existing projects that aim to make a meaningful difference for patients with genetic diseases.

GERD (Acid Reflux, Heartburn) GERD (acid reflux) facts GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a condition in which the acidified liquid content of the stomach backs up into the esophagus.

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Gombotz, Hans; Zacharowski, Kai; Spahn, Donat Rudolf: 2016 Patient Blood Management Print ISBN 9783132004412 · Online ISBN 9783132004511

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