Dr Gerd Heyde

Michael von der Heyde, M.Sc. Hamburg University of Technology Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (M-21) D-21073 Hamburg Campus location: Building K, Room 2542

Dr. Werner Heyde during his arrest by a German policeman on 12 November 1959. Werner Heyde (aka Fritz Sawade) (25 April 1902 – 13 February 1964) was a German psychiatrist. He was one of the main organizers of Nazi Germany’s T-4 Euthanasia Program. Early life. Heyde was born in Forst (Lausitz),25.4.1902 and completed his Abitur in 1920. From 1922-1925, he studied medicine in …

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Records of the Army Staff (Record Group 319) Investigative Records Repository (IRR) Personal Name Files, 1939-1976 Where to find these files:: National Archives in College Park, Maryland, in 270/84/01/01 – 270/84/19/07.

Why CO 2 cools the Surface of the Earth . Dr. Theo Eichten, München; Professor Dr.-Ing. Vollrath Hopp [2], Dreieich; Dr. Gerhard Stehlik [1], Hanau; Dr.-Ing.

Background. The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grades were based on four separate enactments. The first enactment, Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 1573 of 1 September 1939 instituted the Iron Cross, the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.

GHK-13 – Honeybee Pedigree of Gerhard Heide (DE) – 2013 … Queen from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain . Her population and daughters (and drones of them) are F 1 crossed.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heide Institute of Mineralogy, TU Bergakademie Freiberg Brennhausgasse 14, D-09599 Freiberg +49 (0) 3731 – 39 2665, [email protected]

Child Euthanasia (German: Kinder-Euthanasie) was the name given to the organised murder of severely mentally and physically handicapped children and young people up to 16 years old during the Nazi era in over 30 so-called special children’s wards.

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WEDNESDAY, June 25 (HealthDay News) — A new surgical technique offers hope for people who suffer chronic heartburn from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD. and requires less recovery time," Dr. Shawn Garber, who heads.

Concentration Camps List – Christine O Keeffe … – Concentration Camp Lists. … Afghanistan: Land of the Afghans [Arachosia / Khorasan / British South Asia / Southern Turkestan]

The members are assigned certain applications, on which they report to the committee. All decisions are discussed and taken jointly by the interdisciplinary committee; the Foundation’s Board of Trustees must approve the committee’s choices for research fellowships and awards.

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After the War, Heyde had resumed life in Flensberg where he worked as a neurologist and court advisor under the persona of Dr. Fritz Sawade. Upon revelation of his true identity, he gave himself up to the police in Frankfurt am Main in 1959 and was immediately taken into custody. After four years of imprisonment while awaiting trial, he hung himself in his cell on February 13, 1964.

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